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Join an ISBA section or committee to be connected with attorneys across the state working in similar practice areas.

Sections typically are related to substantive practice areas, and range from agricultural law to utility law, and everything in between. 

Committees are typically related to topics that cross practice areas and include topics such as attorney fee dispute, diversity, saw student engagement, legal ethics and wellness.

Learn more below about each committee and how to participate.


Affiliate Membership

The Affiliate Membership Committee encourages Association membership of paralegals, law librarians, legal administrators and court administrators.  

American Citizenship

The American Citizenship Committee espouses the advantages of American citizenship and assists the federal courts in making naturalization ceremonies more meaningful.  

Articles & Bylaws

The Articles & Bylaws Committee exercises parliamentary jurisdiction for the Association, reviews the articles and bylaws, prepares additions, deletions and amendments whenever appropriate, and recommends the same to the Board of Governors.

Attorney Fee Dispute

The Attorney Fee Dispute Resolution Committee shall evaluate the need for and feasibility of a statewide attorney fee dispute resolution process.

Aviation Law

The Aviation Law Committee makes a continuing study of and recommendations pertaining to air crash litigation, aviation laws and regulations, safety and insurance requirements for private and commercial aircraft operating within the state, and other matters pertinent to aviation and space laws.

Children's Rights Committee

The Children's Rights Committee makes a continuing study of laws pertinent to the civil rights of children and reports its findings and recommendations to the Board of Governors.

Clients’ Financial Assistance Fund

The Clients’ Financial Assistance Fund Committee manages and administers the Clients’ Financial Assistance Fund for the purpose of maintaining the integrity and protecting the name of the legal profession in Indiana.

Continuing Legal Education

The Continuing Legal Education Committee facilitates the production and delivery of high-quality, affordable CLE programs for the benefit of the legal profession, in coordination with the sections, committees and staff of the ISBA, and other entities serving the needs of Indiana lawyers.


Courthouse Art

The ISBA Special Committee on Courthouse Art has begun the process of securing original artwork of courthouses from all 92 counties to hang as part of a permanent exhibit in the offices of the State Bar.


The Diversity Committee recruits and assists minority law students, and seeks all opportunities for participation in the ISBA by minority lawyers. The committee oversees the Minority Clerkship Program, which assists minority law students in finding summer employment opportunities in law firms and corporations.


Federal Judiciary

The Federal Judiciary Committee monitors all activities that affect the federal court system and federal court judges.


The Budget Committee shall make annual recommendations to the Board of Governors concerning the fiscal affairs of the Association.

Future of the Provision of Legal Services

The Future of the Provision of Legal Services Committee has been charged with examining and reporting on the evolving challenges to the legal profession and making recommendations on how it should respond to them.


Improvements in Judicial System

The Committee on Improvements in the Judicial System promotes the election or appointment of properly qualified candidates for judicial office. The committee also concerns itself with judicial salaries, pensions and tenure, and studies other facets of the judicial system in Indiana.


The IndianaDocs Committee is responsible for creating, reviewing, approving and keeping current all practice-related forms for inclusion in the IndianaDocs library. This document assembly software allows members to save time, effort and money in the production of repetitive documents and forms.



Members of the Investments Committee are by request only. To request to join, contact Joe Skeel at


Latino Affairs

The Latino Affairs Committee seeks to provide a unified voice addressing the legal issues uniquely affecting the Latino community of Indiana. The committee coordinates resources to ensure equal access to justice for Indiana’s Latino community, promotes the legal concerns of Latinos within the broader legal community, and raises awareness of issues that affect the Latino community.


Law Practice Management

The Law Practice Management Committee studies, evaluates and recommends improved methods of managing the practice of law to maximize efficiency, productivity, effectiveness, pleasure and financial reward from such practice. The committee shall also develop and recommend projects and programs that will help members of the Association furnish high-quality legal services to their clients.

Law Student Engagement Committee

The purpose of the Law Student Committee (LSC) is to represent law students within the ISBA and Young Lawyers Section; to help shape the policies and priorities that affect legal education; and to create a deliberative forum for the exchange and expression of law student views and a voice to advocate those views; and to promote diversity and equal opportunity within the profession.


Lawyer Advertising Rules Review 

The Lawyer Advertising Rules Review Committee shall study Indiana’s Rules of Professional Conduct concerning lawyer advertising and recommend any changes that may be needed.

Leadership Development Academy

The Leadership Development Academy Committee has been established to empower and develop lawyers to be informed, committed and involved so that they may fill significant leadership roles in their local and state bar associations, in Indiana communities and organizations, and to serve as role models in matters of ethics and professionalism.


Legal Ethics

The Legal Ethics Committee seeks to raise the Bar’s ethical standards, promote the Bar’s ethical awareness, and clarify the Bar’s ethical responsibilities, all in accordance with the rules of the Supreme Court of Indiana.


Long Range Planning

The Long Range Planning Committee considers all facets of the Association’s operation, including facilities, personnel, organizational structure and mission, and recommends long-range goals and procedures to be followed in their attainment.

Membership & Membership Benefits

The Membership & Membership Benefits Committee plans and effectuates the Association’s continuous membership promotional campaign. It reviews the standards for membership and makes recommendations pertaining to admission and expulsion of members. The committee also evaluates membership benefit proposals to most effectively meet members’ needs.  

Military & Veterans’ Affairs

The Military & Veterans’ Affairs Committee shall explore and identify legal issues and needs of service members (active duty, Guard or Reserve) living in Indiana or stationed and deployed outside of Indiana, and assist service members and veterans with such needs; continue the Lawyers for Soldiers Program, which provides pro bono legal assistance to service members, veterans and their families; and develop a network of ISBA members (judges, JAGs and lawyers).



The Nominating Committee shall nominate members of the Association for the office of Vice President and for the Offices of Members of the Board of Governors all in accordance with the Articles of Association. Members of the Nominating Committee are by presidential appointment.


Pro Bono

The Pro Bono Committee is responsible for fulfilling the ISBA’s commitment to pro bono efforts as an integral part of its mission and long-range planning. As such, the Pro Bono Committee develops and implements programs to educate members about the need for and opportunities to engage in pro bono civil legal services for the poor, and encourages members to undertake pro bono representation.


Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for the formulation of Association public relations policies. This committee recommends ways to improve the relationship between the public and the legal profession by way of presenting the work of the Association and lawyers generally through the use of the press, radio, television and other media.


Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity

The Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Committee works to educate attorneys, judges, the Association, and members of the general public about the law as it relates to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons.

State Legislation

The State Legislation Committee monitors the activities of the legislature in those areas of interest pertinent to the profession of law; keeps the Board of Governors informed upon such matters; and supports by testimony and other means the policies of the Association before the General Assembly.



The Technology Committee addresses issues and makes recommendations to the Board of Governors related to (1) the integration of technology into the practice of law; (2) the use of technology to deliver effective legal services in Indiana; and (3) the use of technology to provide education and services to our membership.

Unauthorized Practice of Law

The Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee investigates the unauthorized practice of law (UPL) by persons not licensed to practice law in Indiana. As appropriate, the Committee may provide comments or opinions, formal or informal, on the subject of UPL.


The Wellness Committee was established to promote health and personal well-being among judges, lawyers, their staffs and law students by encouraging positive lifestyle changes through increased physical activity, stress reduction, healthier eating, tobacco cessation and the like, and to support them as advocates to make their communities healthier places to live and work.

Women in Law

The Women in the Law Committee makes recommendations to the ISBA for action to address problems identified by surveys and reports regarding women in the practice of law. The committee also holds an annual Bench Bar Retreat and is developing a service project.

Written Publications

The Written Publications Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving articles on professional subjects in Res Gestae, and solicits professional articles of current interest to the membership.