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The purpose of the Diversity Committee is to promote full and equal participation in the ISBA, our profession and the justice system by all persons.

Resources for Navigating 2020

For Our White Friends Desiring to be Allies (non-legal)

Anti-Racist Resources for White People (non-legal)

You're Black Colleagues May Look Like They Are Okay--Chances Are They're Not

Lawyering for Social Change

The Imposition of Social Justice Morality in Legal Education

Other Resources

In the Long Run, Diversity Wins

Study: Indiana Among States with Less Diverse Supreme Court

DTCI: A Call to Action on Our Diversity and Inclusion Mission 

Leading Advocate for Diversity in Legal Industry Hasn't Seen Much Progress in 10 Years

Lawyers Say They Face Persistent Racial and Gender Bias at Work

Lawyer Well-Being--An Uncharted Path to Increasing Diversity and Inclusion

What Does the Future of Diversity Hold for Law Firms?

Moving Toward a Culturally Diverse World: Guidance for Professionals

Law is the Least Diverse Profession in the Nation (Washington Post)

Legal Profession Lacks Diversity in High Level Positions

Written in Black and White Exploring Confirmation Bias in Racialized Perceptions of Writing Skills

A Portrait of Asian Americans in the Law

Asian Attorneys Less Represented in Indianapolis than Nationwide

Spirit and Place Present: Powerful Conversations on Race

Res Gestae - Police and Community Interaction Forum

Ways to Tackle your Implicit Bias

TYL - Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity 

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