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As the largest legal organization in Indiana, the Indiana State Bar Association empowers its members (lawyers, judges, paralegals, law librarians, law students and court administrators) to thrive professionally and personally. It works to find solutions to members’ professional challenges, connect them with others in the profession across the state, and advocate on behalf of the profession. Click here to learn more about ISBA membership.
ISBA is a voluntary bar—unlike many other states with mandatory bars—meaning licensed attorneys are not required to be members. Subsequently, the association does not oversee attorney Continuing Legal Education (CLE), discipline, or licensing. The Indiana Supreme Court oversees these responsibilities, allowing the ISBA to act as an independent voice of its members.
The ISBA is governed by members elected to its House of Delegates, Board of Governors, and Executive Committee. An Executive Director and staff execute administrative duties in accordance with ISBA’s governance.


The ISBA was founded 1896 in the hall of the Indiana House of Representatives with more than 100 lawyers present. Benjamin Harrison served as the Association's first president and remains the only two-term president in its history. Three years earlier he had concluded his service as the nation's 23rd president and returned to his law practice in Indiana.


To improve the administration of justice and promote public understanding of the legal system.


To serve and advocate on behalf of its members, their clients and the public interest as the independent voice of the legal profession.


The Indiana State Bar Association is led by a House of Delegates, Board of Governors, Executive Committee, and Executive Director. Click here to learn more about these roles and the people serving in them.

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