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Find a Lawyer

The Indiana State Bar Association does not refer members of the public to specific attorneys. However, it offers a few resources to find your preferred legal help.

Indiana Lawyer Finder

The Indiana Lawyer Finder is a directory of the Indiana State Bar Association's members. Search for attorneys based on location, type of law practiced, price range, and a number of other search options. From there, you can contact the attorney directly.  Search Indiana Lawyer Finder >> 

Coalition for Court Access

The Coalition for Court Access also connects the public with a variety of important legal resources. Visit the Coalition’s website to be connected with legal help, learn about hiring a lawyer, and for answers to your law-related questions. Coalition for Court Access website >>

Local Bar Associations

Many of the local bar associations do provide lawyer referrals. Use the local bar directory to find the bar association in your county. Call local bars >>


Representing Yourself

Representing yourself in court should not be taken lightly. The Indiana State Bar Association recommends consulting with an attorney on your legal issues. If you decide to proceed without an attorney, the Coalition for Court Access provides self-help forms and information about going to court without a lawyer. Coalition for Court Access website >>

You also may download the Indiana State Bar Association's Going it Alone, A Step-by-Step Guide to Representing Yourself on Appeal in Indiana. This guide is intended to give nonlawyers a basic step-by-step guide to filing an appeal in the Indiana Court of Appeals and the Indiana Supreme Court. This guide is not legal advice. It cannot be cited as legal authority. This guide is not intended to replace or be a substitute for the Indiana Rules of Appellate Procedure (located by clicking here) and should be used with those rules. Download Going it Alone handbook >>


Servicemembers & Veterans Seeking Legal Help

Indiana Lawyers for Servicemembers is a statewide network of attorney volunteers who provide legal assistance for current members of our military and, in some cases, those who have previously served, as well as family members of currently-serving servicemembers. This program is sponsored by the Indiana State Bar Association Military & Veterans' Affairs Committee, and supported by the Indiana Bar Foundation. Learn about eligibility and apply >>


Low-income Legal Resources

There are a number of resources for those who are low income to receive free or discounted legal help. Review a list of low-income legal resources throughout Indiana. (Note: For assistance on criminal matters, the court will appoint a public defender, or you can use the resources provided above, in the Find a Lawyer section.) Learn more >>



Oftentimes, foreclosure defendants do not need an attorney. Rather, working with a housing counseling agency can help you determine if you qualify for a work-out/loss mitigation option from your lender/mortgage servicer. Visit the Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network’s website to find a HUD-approved housing counseling agency. Please be advised that housing counselors are not attorneys and are not affiliated with the Indiana State Bar Association, but housing counselors do provide much-needed counsel and insight into how to prevent foreclosure. Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network’s website >>



If you are experiencing family law issues, you may wish to explore mediation. Visit the Indianapolis Legal Aid Society’s website for information about their mediation program, the Family & Child Resolution Center. Indianapolis Legal Aid Society >>