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Providing law practice management (LPM) resources is a key focus of ISBA. In fact, we even work with Law Practice Management Consultant Tara Puckey, who provides training and resources to help attorneys understand how the best processes, marketing, and management approaches impact their practice. To contact Tara, email



ISBA offers a number of live and on-demand CLE programs. Many of these programs are provided at no cost to members through the Member Benefit CLE Library, while others are available for a small fee in the on-demand CLE library. Click a link below to browse our LPM CLE offerings.

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Drivers of Change: A Focus on Relationships (A Shift to Making it Personal)
The world is changing at a rapid pace, especially in the field of law. How can attorneys keep up?  
Join LPM Consultant Tara Puckey for the third session in the Drivers of Change series, concentrating on a shift in workplace focus—and how relationships are key. 
Workplaces are shifting, moving toward more casual interactions between employees and a focus on relationships in an effort to build more cohesive and collaborative teams. Statistics show the shift is productive, boosting numbers for employee satisfaction and retention, profitability and more. 
How can you build meaningful relationships with employees and peers in a way that boost the bottom line? How does having a relationship-focused culture translate into the ability to form relationships with clients and serve their changing needs? This session will explore what this trend means for your firm, your workforce, and the future of the legal industry.
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How to Engage Your Team Remotely
This session focuses on best practices in keeping remote employees engaged, supporting diverse working environments and performance management in a remote environment. It is geared toward legal professionals in all practice areas who are managing a team remotely.
Presented by: Tiffany Lemons, Senior Organization Development Consultant for Indiana University
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