Law Students

Welcome, law students!

Welcome to the Indiana State Bar Association (ISBA), the single largest legal organization in the state. We’re excited to partner with IU Maurer School of Law, IU McKinney School of Law, and Notre Dame Law School to provide FREE membership for all students in the ISBA. Free membership also extends to any law student that wishes to become a member, including those attending school out of state. We want to make sure you know that we’re here to help you every step of the way – offering resources and opportunities to complement your law school experience and ultimately your career.

Our goals are to:

Enrich your education

  • We offer leadership positions to students in many of our 60+ sections and committees, covering nearly every specialty.
  • Our InbarConnect listserv feature allows you to post questions and engage in discussions with practicing lawyers that will complement your course load. 

Connect you with influential industry figures

  • Students are eligible for scholarships to attend ISBA yearly conferences.
  • The ISBA hosts regular networking events, helping to connect people from every corner of the legal community. 

Help you find a job

  • Through our Mentor Match program, you can be paired with a practicing lawyer, which could open the door to a job opportunity.
  • You will have access to the ISBA Career Center, where you can search and apply for jobs and have an expert review your resume.
  • By joining and actively participating in one of our sections or committees and rubbing elbows with lawyers at our events, you will no doubt have many lawyers in your corner to help you land your first job.

How do I activate my student membership?

If you are a law student at the IU McKinney School of Law, the IU Maurer School of Law or Notre Dame Law School, you do not need to do anything in order to active your membership. At the beginning of the school year, your law school will provide us with a list of 1L students and we will then activate your membership and send you a welcome email. If you do want to double-check your membership status with us, you're always welcome to contact Carissa Long at

For students attending law school out of state, simply email Carissa Long at with the following information to activate your membership:

  • Full name
  • Email (school or otherwise)
  • Phone
  • Name of school
  • Year in school (e.g., 1L, 2L, 3L, etc.)
  • Expected graduation date

Join a section

Your free membership in the Indiana State Bar Association includes membership in our Young Lawyers Section. You are also able to sign up for three additional sections at no cost.

What is a section?
A group of practicing attorneys from across the state (and beyond!) who specialize in a certain area of law. Sections range in size from 37 to 3,440 members.

Why join?
Sections connect practicing lawyers who share expertise and interest in a practice area, like criminal or bankruptcy law. Sections allow members to develop their expertise and complement their career through education, advocacy and social activities. Each Section has a governing council and many have specific leadership positions for students.

How do I join?
Click here to learn more about what sections we offer. To sign up, email Carissa Long at


Members of the ISBA (that’s you!) who are classified as 1L, 2L, or 3L for the 2020-2021 school year qualify to be matched with a mentor.

Why? The ISBA and its more seasoned professionals know your plans have upended and you may benefit from feeling connected to a more seasoned practitioner. And, let’s face it, all of us could benefit from feeling more connected right now. 

A relationship between a mentor and a mentee is a two-way street that is about:

  • Listening and advising
  • Giving honest feedback
  • Being present and open
  • Communicating via multiple methods
  • Checking in

Ultimately, entering a mentor/mentee partnership could result in, at the very least, the sharing of advice. At the most, this relationship could open the door to a job opportunity.

Sign up to be matched with a mentor >>

After being matched, mentors and mentees will communicate freely and:

  • Set goals together.
  • Share advice.
  • Establish times and methods to check in with one another.
  • Bounce ideas around; remember the mentee can sometimes offer guidance and new perspectives.

Mentorship resources

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  • “Law Students Can Still Network During the Coronavirus Outbreak,” ABA Before the Bar Read article >>
  • “What Mentors Wish Their Mentees Knew,” Harvard Business Review Read article >>
  • “Social Distancing Doesn’t Have to Disrupt Mentorship,” Harvard Business Review Read article >>
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Mentorship contact

Contact Rebecca Smith, ISBA Section & Committee Liaison, at with any questions about mentorship.