ISBA Sections
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Join an ISBA section or committee to be connected with attorneys across the state working in similar practice areas.

Sections typically are related to substantive practice areas, and range from agricultural law to utility law, and everything in between. 

Committees are typically related to topics that cross practice areas and include topics such as attorney fee dispute, diversity, saw student engagement, legal ethics and wellness.

Learn more below about each section and how to participate. 

Agricultural Law

The Agricultural Law Section provides leadership in identifying and addressing current and emerging issues of importance to the agricultural community; monitors proposed and pending legislation, and assembles and disseminates information to public officials and members of the general public. Such activity generates a better understanding of matters relating to agricultural law and the agricultural community.

The section hosts an annual meeting in the fall that generally includes a full day of CLE. This event takes place in a different part of the state each year. To propose or request content or speakers for these events, please email Leah Baker at

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Section is working to make ADR an integral part of the judicial system – a first step in resolving conflicts, not an afterthought.

Animal Law

The Animal Law Section relates to or impacts any law related to animals. Animal Law is much broader than “animal rights” or “animal welfare” in that it focuses on animals and their impact on humans as the core of the representation. These laws can include a cross-over to criminal law, trust and estate law, family law, civil litigation and disability law.

The section hosts a variety of social, continuing legal education, and service-based programs throughout the year. 

Appellate Practice

The Appellate Practice Section brings together ISBA members who have a primary interest in appellate practice. Members encourage and plan continuing legal education forums for those in appellate practice, and work to simplify and expedite appellate procedure where appropriate.

Bankruptcy & Creditors’ Rights

The goal of the Bankruptcy & Creditors’ Rights Section is to create cooperation between counsel for creditors and debtors and promote understanding and expertise in the field of commercial and bankruptcy law.

Business Law

The Business Law Section focuses on business transactions, addressing questions regarding methods for establishing a business organization, raising capital, implementing new means of technology, etc. It also considers and, if appropriate, acts upon legislative initiatives affecting business. It does this by providing a general and specialized legal advice, offering continuing legal education opportunities, and hosting networking events.

Construction & Surety Law

The purpose of the Construction & Surety Law Section is to provide opportunities for practitioners in this field to meet regularly and exchange information and knowledge about trends in the law and industry affecting construction and surety law. In addition, it provides programs and forums for improved legal services in the construction and surety law areas.

Corporate Counsel

The Corporate Counsel Section serves as a forum for attorneys in corporate legal departments. It provides attorneys with opportunities to examine problems and experiences in the field of corporate law through discussions.

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Section is comprised of prosecutors, defense attorneys and judges. While it is a group of attorneys with seemingly different interests, its goal is to ensure justice for all participants in the criminal justice system. Members strive to achieve this goal through education initiatives, supporting the adoption of and changes to laws that will benefit participants in the criminal justice system, and promotion of the highest standards for all.

The section meets approximately every other month and meetings are open to all members of the section. Section member can attend in person or telephonically. 

Elder Law

The Elder Law Section focuses on serving the needs of older adults and persons with disabilities. Its activities include advocating the development of laws benefiting elder citizens and persons with disabilities, simplifying and expediting forms and procedures related to the practice of elder law, promoting ethical and competent practice in the field of elder law, and disseminating information for the better understanding of the public in matters relating to elder law.

The section meets approximately quarterly and meetings are open to all members of the section. Section member can attend in person or telephonically. Section meetings generally also include free continuing legal education. The section typically hosts its annual meeting and “holiday party” in conjunction with the Elder Institute.

Employment, Labor & Benefits Law

The Employment & Labor Law Section is comprised of attorneys who are involved in a broad range of state and federal legal issues affecting the workplace. The section concentrates its time on the development of networking and referral opportunities for section members; educating section members and others as to the law affecting the workplace; promoting the efficiency and fairness of administration of labor and employment law; and promoting collegiality among section members.

Environmental Law

The Environmental Law Section promotes dialogue among legal practitioners in this field, considering all matters of interest regarding environmental law. It also focuses on helping members of the public become involved in environmental rule making and other processes, promoting alternative dispute resolution and mediation as a means of speedily resolving disputes, and helping make state environmental orders more accessible to practitioners and to the public.

Family & Juvenile Law

The Family & Juvenile Law Section spends a great deal of time reviewing, proposing and drafting legislation related to family and juvenile law, and looks for ways to ensure speedy and just resolution of family disputes. It promotes high standards of professional conduct for lawyers and judges in the field of family and juvenile law. It also contributes a periodic column to the ISBA’s magazine and publishes a variety of handbooks.

The section council collects nominations and selects and annual recipient for the Gale M. Phelps Award. If you are interested in nominating someone for this award, please email Leah Baker at

The section generally hosts its annual meeting at the ISBA Annual Meeting. All section members are welcome to attend. 

General Practice, Solo & Small Firm

The General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Section (GP SSF) provides a medium through which general practitioners may cooperate with, encourage and assist each other in the resolution of problems common to them and to the legal profession. CLE and providing information to members are high priorities of the section, with an emphasis on practical ways to improve client services, including use of new technologies. This section hosts the annual Solo & Small Firm Conference.

Governmental Practice

The Governmental Practice Section is divided into three divisions—planning and development, administrative law, and municipal corporation law. Each division considers all matters of legal interest related to the various subjects covered by it and communicates appropriate information to the other divisions.

Health Law

The Health Law Section promotes the interests of the Section’s members and of the Association in the area of health law, studies and makes appropriate recommendations concerning health law matters, and monitors the developments of this area of practice. Some of the areas on which the section concentrates are: professional liability; managed care; fraud and abuse; social security; long-term care; and ethical issues. The section sponsors an annual Health Law Symposium.

The section hosts an annual meeting in the fall that generally includes a full day of continuing legal education. To propose or request content or speakers for these events, please email Leah Baker at

Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property Section promotes the patent system of the United States, considers and takes action on patent, trademark and copyright law. It is also endeavors to provide education to the general public and general legal practitioners regarding intellectual property law concepts, and to increase their awareness of intellectual property law issues.

International Law

Members of the International Law Section work together to formulate professional opinions of international law issues, and to promote understanding, activity, research and expertise in the field of international law.

Land Use & Zoning

The Land Use & Zoning Section is responsible for drafting the legislation that governs the processing of development plans and planned unit developments by local zoning. The section also makes information available to the public to improve understanding of matters relating to land use and zoning, and promotes the simplification and expedition of land use and zoning forms and procedures. It cooperatively publishes the Indiana Planning & Zoning Law Annotated with the Indiana Planning Association.


The Litigation Section brings together attorneys who are primarily interested in trial work and the issues those in the practice of trial law encounter focusing on investigation and improvement of the civility of lawyers; review of the Indiana rules of evidence; helping to improve discovery practices; and increasing the public’s understanding of the legal profession.

Probate, Trust & Real Property (PTRP)

The Probate, Trust & Real Property Section provides a forum for attorneys interested in probate law, estate planning, estate and guardianship administration, trusts, real estate law, death taxes, elder law and other related areas of law. It produces pamphlets for the use of clients regarding joint tenancy, advance directives, estates, guardianships, trusts, duties of personal representatives, and other related issues.

The Probate Review Committee (a section subcommittee) meets quarterly at ISBA offices and meetings. These meetings typically take place on the last Saturday of the month each quarter and precede the meeting of the section council. PRC is generally accredited for two hours of continuing legal education. PRC focuses on reviewing, drafting, and proposing legislation. Section members can attend in-person or telephonically. 

Additionally, the section generally offers a breakfast and CLE in the spring, and a social and CLE in the summer. The section typically hosts an annual meeting at ISBA annual meeting. All are welcome to attend these events. To propose or request content or speakers for these events, please email Leah Baker at

Prof. Legal Ed., Admission & Development (PLEADS)

The Professional Legal Education, Admission & Development (PLEADS) Section promotes the educational and professional development of Indiana law students and members of the Indiana bench and bar. PLEADS also monitors and comments on the rules for admission to the bar, discipline of attorneys and rules of professional conduct. PLEADS coordinates with other sections and committees of the ISBA, subordinate units of the Supreme Court and the law schools of Indiana.

Senior Lawyers

The Senior Lawyers Section applies the knowledge and experience of the profession to the promotion of the public good by serving the interests of not only senior lawyers, but also of seniors generally. It studies issues of concern to both groups and responds by producing programs and publications designed to explore and develop such issues, and advocates for appropriate responses when called upon. All members of the ISBA in good standing, 60 years of age and over, are eligible for membership.

Social Security Disability Law

The Social Security Disability Law Section's goals are to keep Indiana attorneys current on changes in regulation, policy, interpretation and practice before the agency; promote an effective means of communication between local administrative law judges, hearing offices and attorneys; and serve as an outreach to the public and law students interested in disability law.

Staff Counsel

The Staff Counsel Section brings together captive insurance staff attorneys and the unique issues they encounter. It provides insurance staff attorneys with opportunities for discussing and sharing problems and experiences in the practice of law through discussions at meetings, seminars and institutes. The Section shall also develop and recommend project or programs which will help members of the Association furnish high quality legal services to their clients.


The Taxation Section strives to improve the quality of tax practice in Indiana by offering a vast array of activities designed to help members improve the quality of their tax practice. It helps provide various seminars on tax-related items and presentations on topics of interest at its annual meeting. It also reviews all tax measures introduced before the Indiana General Assembly and hosts social functions aimed at honoring those working with the taxing agencies and courts.

The council meets approximately every other month and meetings are open to all members of the section. Section members can attend in-person or telephonically.

The section hosts several programs throughout the year, including continuing legal education and the annual state tax reception in the fall, which recognizes those in the field of taxation throughout the state. To propose or request content or speakers for these events, please email Leah Baker at

Utility Law

The Utility Law Section (ULS) brings together attorneys interested in the rights & responsibilities related to public utilities, & provides a forum for those who want to discuss & formulate solutions to problems related to utility law. Additionally, the Section makes use of its diverse membership to facilitate communication with the IURC on issues of general interest.

Young Lawyers

The Young Lawyers Section (YLS) is dedicated to its steadfast commitment of providing opportunities and assistance to new lawyers in the practice of law. All ISBA members in their first 10 years of practice are eligible for YLS membership. Members of the YLS have access to its e-discussion list; receive a copy of its newsletter YLS Network; benefit from networking opportunities; and create lifelong relationships with leading legal professionals.