The Indiana State Bar Association is led by the following entities:

The House of Delegates, which is made up of members and typically meets during the Annual Meeting, is the supreme legislative body of ISBA.

The Board of Governors exercise all functions of administration of Association affairs, including, but not limited to: 1. Determining Association policy, whenever necessary, between meetings of the House of Delegates; 2. Supervising and controlling all fiscal affairs, including all receipts and expenditures of funds of the Association and its Committees; 3. Employing and supervising the Executive Director; 4. Supervising and controlling all property of the Association, including acquisition, maintenance and disposition thereof; 5. Entering into contractual obligations in furtherance of Association programs and its financial well being; 6. Performing such other functions as may be necessary or proper to carry out the policies and programs of the Association.

The Executive Committee is composed of the Officers of the Association, Chair of the House of Delegates and one Association District Representative member of the Board of Governors selected by majority vote of the Association District Representative members of the Board of Governors. The Executive Director shall serve in an ex-officio capacity without vote on the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall supervise the affairs of the Association between meetings of the Board of Governors, and shall perform such other functions and have such other powers and duties as may be delegated to it by the Board of Governors or House of Delegates.

The Executive Director is, among other things, responsible to the Executive Committee and Board of Governors for day-to-day operation of headquarters and is responsible for implementing, administering and interpreting established personnel policies. 

Below, find the ISBA members currently serving in governance roles.


Leslie Craig Henderzahs, Noblesville

President-Elect: Michael E. Tolbert, Gary
Vice President:
Clayton C. Miller, Indianapolis
Secretary: Andrea K. Townsend, Indianapolis
Treasurer: Rafael A. Sanchez, Fishers
Counsel to the President:
Brent R. Borg, Fishers

District Representatives
First District:
Jacquelyn S. Pillar, Crown Point
Second District:
Rachel Arndt, Rochester
Third District:
Victoria Wolf, South Bend
Fourth District:
Douglas R. Adelsperger, Fort Wayne
Fifth District:
Kyle B. Mandeville, Lafayette
Sixth District:
Russell Cate, Carmel
Seventh District:
Hon. Tammy S. Somers, Danville
Eighth District:
Jonathan Beau Dial, Evansville
Ninth District: Alyssa C.B. Cochran, New Albany
Tenth District:
Adrienne E. Rines, Marion
Eleventh District:
TyJuan Garrett, Indianapolis
Eleventh District: Angka E. Hinshaw, Indianapolis
Eleventh District: Charles F. Miller, Indianapolis
At-Large District Rep:
Elizabeth A. Bellin, Elkhart
At-Large District Rep: Joel Schumm, Indianapolis

At-Large Representatives
Immediate Past President:
J. Todd Spurgeon,New Albany
Chair, House of Delegates:
Judi L. Calhoun, Muncie, Chair
Chair-Elect, House of Delegates:
Michael Jasaitis,Crown Point
Chair, Young Lawyers Section (YLS):
Beau Zoeller, Indianapolis
Observer, Chair-Elect, YLS Sara McClammer, Indianapolis

House of Delegates
See full list here.

Participate in Governance

The ISBA President determines the frequency and agenda of Board of Governors meetings, which are open to all ISBA members. However, the Board of Governors does not make special requests (such as conference calls). Please notify the Executive Director (email Joe Skeel at if you plan to attend a meeting or have an issue or policy update you would like raised with the board.

A call for nominations for ISBA governance is conducted each year in September or October. Members are encouraged to first get experience with the ISBA by participating in special projects and on sections/committees.


Articles of Incorporation
House of Delegates Rules of Procedure