Committees: Wellness

The Wellness Committee was established to promote health and personal well-being among judges, lawyers, their staffs and law students by encouraging positive lifestyle changes through increased physical activity, stress reduction, healthier eating, tobacco cessation and the like, and to support them as advocates to make their communities healthier places to live and work.  

Wellness articles published in Res Gestae

December 2016 | Is sitting too much bad for our health and well being? 
October 2016 | Make today the beginning of a tobacco-free life
January 2016 | Why I exercise
December 2015 | Tips for those who are or will be 50
May 2015 | Staying fit and motivated while injured 
January 2015 | The way we roll - commuting by bike
October 2014 | Inactivity physiology - too much sitting time
September 2014 | Emotional ads from national campaign hit home
May 2014 | Improve your fitness by moving
October 2013 | Law firm creates environment of wellness
September 2013 | Sleep 101 - there's no substitute for it
July 2013 | Prepare for glory
May 2013 | Primary care - an integral health relationship
January 2013 | Here's an idea...what's yours
March 2012 | Don't just burn minutes - burn calories
January 2012 | Simple steps towards better health and fitness
November 2011 | Stressed out by the practice of law
July 2011 | Lawyers and wellness

C. Erik Chickedantz Law School Fitness Award winners

2015 - Robert H. McKinney School of Law: Indiana University
2014 - Robert H. McKinney School of Law: Indiana University
2013 - Valparaiso University School of Law

Access to Fitness

Wellness resources across the state (click here)

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Staff Liaison
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