Committees: Women in Law

The primary objectives of the Women in the Law Committee are:
(1) To make recommendations to the State Bar Association for action to address problems identified by the survey and report of the 1990-91 Commission on Women in the Profession.
(2) To monitor the ongoing progress of actions recommended by the Committee and approved by the House of Delegates, and to report that progress to the Board of Governors.

Women in the Law Achievement and Recognition Awards
Presented at the ISBA Annual Meeting by the Women in the Law Committee

Women in the Law Recognition Award Winners
2019 - Shelice R. Tolbert
2018 - Belinda Hurtado
2017 - Chief Justice Loretta H. Rush
2016 - Frances L. Watson
2015 - Ann C. Mackey
2014 - Hon. Patricia Riley
2013 - Hon. Diane Schneider
2012 - Kristin Fruehwald
2011 - Hon. Melissa May
2010 - Michele S. Bryant
2009 - Hon. Sarah Evans Barker
2008 - Amy G. Applegate
2007 - Steve A. Oldham
2006 - Hon. Patricia J. Gifford
2005 - Hon. Margret G. Robb
2004 - Derelle Watson-Duvall
2003 - Don P. Campbell
2002 - Jeanne S. Miller
2001 - Hon. Cecile A. Blau
2000 - Lauren K. Robel
1999 - Jacqueline B. Ponder
1998 - Ann M. DeLaney
1997 - Hon. Addison M. Beavers
1996 - Hon. Randall T. Shepard

Women in the Law Achievement Award Winners*
2007 - Hon. Jane E. Magnus-Stinson
2006 - Hon. V. Sue Shields
2005 - Kathy A. Lee
2004 - Nancy H. Vaidik
2003 - Sue A. Shadley
2002 - Abigail Lawlis Kuzma
2001 - Hon. Judith S. Proffitt
2000 - Susan K. Carpenter
1999 - Paula J. Sites
1998 - Alecia A. DeCoudreaux
1997 - Hon. Viola J. Taliaferro
1996 - Virginia Dill McCarty

The ISBA Women in the Law Recognition Award will be presented to an individual who: is a female attorney and has contributed to the legal profession as a whole or to a particular area of practice or a male or female attorney who has assisted in the advancement of women in the legal profession, has served as a role model or mentor, or has influenced women to pursue a career in law. 

*Prior to 2008, the Women in the Law Committee presented two annual awards, the Women in the Law Achievement Award and the Women in the Law Recognition Award.
Holly J. Wanzer
Staff Liaison
Leah Baker
Vice Chair
Tamara L. Weaver