Committees: Children's Rights Committee

The Children's Rights Committee will make a continuing study of laws, policies and any other state of affairs that affect children's rights; work to advance the rights of children, as is consistent with ISBA policy; and report its findings and recommendations to the Board of Governors as deemed necessary.

Hon. Viola Taliaferro Award
2019    Emily L. Angel
2018    Joel Wieneke
2017    Tracy McDaniel
2016    Hon. Geoffrey Gaither
2015    Hon. Heather M. Mollo 
2014    Leslie Rogers-Dunn
2013    Hon. Mary Beth Bonaventura
2012    Amy Karozos
2011    Cynthia K. Booth
2010    Catherine M. Michael
2009    Hon. Deborah Shook
2008    Shontrai DeVaughn Irving
2007    Hon. Mary R. Harper
2006    Hon. Marilyn A. Moores
2005    Bret D. Raper
2004    JauNae Hanger
2003    Hon. Andrea K. McCord
2002    Chet Zawalich
2001    Hon. Jerome F. Jacobi
2000    Stephen M. Sims
1999    Eileen M. Doran
1998    Derelle Watson-Duvall, J.D.

About the award
The Committee on Civil Rights of Children annually honors an individual who best exemplifies Judge Taliaferro’s courageous leadership in addressing the unmet legal needs of children and in raising the public’s awareness of these needs. Nominations for this award may be for an individual who is living or deceased.

Robert J. Henke
Staff Liaison
Rebecca Smith