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The first step in becoming an ISBA member is to select your member type.


For a list of membership categories and dues amounts, see below. Click here to see descriptions for each membership category.


Dues for Attorney Members


Membership Category Dues Amount
Government Member, admitted 1-3 years


Government Member, admitted 4-6 years


Government Member, admitted 7+ years $138.00
Law Student Member FREE
Military Member FREE
New Admittee FREE
Non-Resident Member $168.00
Resident Associate Member $255.00
Resident Member, admitted 1-3 years $87.00
Resident Member, admitted 4-6 years $168.00
Resident Member, admitted 7+ years $304.00
Senior Life Non-Resident Member $61.00
Senior Life Resident Member $128.00


If you are a new admittee or a law student and have a question about membership, please contact Carissa Long at


Dues for Affiliate Members


Membership Category Dues Amount
Court Administrator, 1-3 years $74.00
Court Administrator 4-6 years $107.00
Court Administrator 7+ years $130.00
Law Librarian, 1-3 years $74.00
Law Librarian, 4-6 years $107.00
Law Librarian, 7+ years $130.00
Legal Administrator, 1-3 years $74.00
Legal Administrator, 4-6 years $107.00
Legal Administrator, 7+ years $130.00
Paralegal, 1-3 years $74.00
Paralegal, 4-6 years $107.00
Paralegal, 7+ years $130.00



Select your member type:

Click here to see descriptions for each membership category.