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File a complaint against an attorney

It's always a good idea to try to work things out with your lawyer informally. If that doesn't work, you may file a grievance with the Disciplinary Commission within the Indiana courts system. Visit the Indiana Disciplinary Commission’s website to learn about what types of violations attorneys can be disciplined for, and how to file complaints. Note that the Disciplinary Commission does not provide legal advice or work to repay you for monetary loss caused by an attorney.

Disciplinary Commission website >>

Get compensation for lawyer dishonesty

If you suffered financial loss as a result of lawyer dishonesty, you may be qualified to file an application with the Clients’ Financial Assistance Fund of the Indiana State Bar Association. This Fund, which exists because of the voluntary contributions of the members of ISBA, recognizes that the lawyers of Indiana as a whole desire to help those who fall victim to the few lawyers who are dishonest.

Clients’ Financial Assistance Fund >>

Dispute an attorney fee

If you disagree with the amount that you have been charged for services from an attorney, you may qualify to work with the Indiana State Bar Association’s Attorney Fee Dispute Resolution program to challenge that amount.

Attorney Fee Dispute Resolution >>

Report the unauthorized practice of law

It is unlawful to provide legal services to Indiana residents and/or on Indiana legal matters without being authorized to practice law.  Pursuant to the Indiana Rules for Admission to the Bar and the Discipline of Attorneys, the Indiana Supreme Court has given the ISBA’s Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee the specific authority to restrain or enjoin the unauthorized practice of law in Indiana (see Rule 24).

Report the unauthorized practice of law >>