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Res Gestae publishes articles, news and other information to advance the education, competence, ethical practice and public responsibility of Indiana lawyers or to announce, record or discuss Association activities. These articles are authored by individual ISBA members and ISBA sections/committees, as well as prominent members of Indiana’s legal community, including judges and law school staff.


Res Gestae’s copy deadline is on or before the 1st of the month two months preceding the issue of publication (e.g., Oct. 1 for December issue). Longer, technical articles must be reviewed by the ISBA Written Publications Committee, a process that includes three peer reviewers and may take up to three months.



  • Email submissions to Submissions should include:
  • A word document of the article, including headline
  • A headshot (high-resolution digital, 300 dots per inch) of the author
  • Author’s social media tags (optional)    
  • Two or three one-sentence bullet points summarizing the article’s “takeaways” (optional)

Article guidelines

  • Use Harvard citation form
  • Cite to the Indiana Code
  • Number endnotes consecutively and include at the article’s conclusion


Types of content


Legal articles: Legal articles should be devoted to professional subjects of statewide interest. Timeliness of publication is be a major consideration, particularly in light of legal issues currently occupying ISBA’s membership's attention. Suggested word count: 900-1,800 words


Legal briefs: Legal briefs summarize substantive issues of general interest to Indiana lawyers including recent developments, significant cases, “bewareof-this-issue” information, pending legislation of note, or legal matters of topical interest. Legal Briefs may be offered by or through ISBA sections, although contributions from any member are encouraged and will be published upon appropriate review for content accuracy. Suggested word count: 300 words


Advocacy articles: Res Gestae will publish articles advocating substantive positions on issues reasonably related to law, justice or the judicial system. Res Gestae editorial staff has discretion to publish articles standing alone or may, with the assistance of the Written Publications Committee, solicit an article representing an opposing view to maintain appropriate editorial balance. Suggested word count: 900-1,500 words


Letters to the editor: Res Gestae invites expressions of opinion (or the giving of information) as to any matter appearing in the magazine or otherwise reasonably related to law and justice. Publication and editing of such are at the Editor’s discretion, in consultation with the Written Publications Committee. Publication does not constitute an endorsement by the Indiana State Bar Association of the views expressed. Suggested word count: 250 words


Columns: Each issue of Res Gestae contains several standing or rotating columns written by distinguished contributors. Sections/Committees and members may suggest the creation of new columns, or may request to assist in writing for existing columns. Suggested word count: 650 words


  • Existing columns include:
  • Recent Decisions
  • Ethics
  • Criminal Justice Notes
  • LPM Training Series
  • Wellness Spotlight
  • Bankruptcy