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ISBA launches a new find-a-lawyer directory for the public

Thursday, June 15, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Carissa Long
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"You Need a Lawyer" ISBA Directory on Biteable.


News Release

June 15, 2017


ISBA launches a new find-a-lawyer directory for the public


INDIANAPOLIS (June 15, 2017) – More than 75 percent of consumers today search online to locate and hire legal professionals. And while websites like Avvo and LegalZoom exist, meeting face to face with a lawyer remains critically important – which is why the Indiana State Bar Association (ISBA) is proud to announce that it has launched a new find-a-lawyer directory for the public – You Need a Lawyer: ISBA Directory.


In its efforts to educate the public about the importance of consulting with a lawyer when confronted with legal issues rather than “going it alone,” the ISBA directory, powered by Zeekbeek, aims to help consumers find lawyers. Because this directory is populated via the ISBA membership database and subsequently our members have the ability to expand their profile, consumers can trust that the information is current and accurate.


“Changes in the legal profession due to companies like LegalZoom and Avvo are simply inevitable, and it’s in the public’s best interests for lawyers to embrace this revved-up ISBA directory, providing an invaluable go-to resource for finding a lawyer,” ISBA President Mitchell R. Heppenheimer said. “As lawyers, we speak a language – legalese – that not everyone speaks and the more we can make ourselves available to those in need of help, the better.”


The launch of this new directory is divided in two phases; the first phase will focus on encouraging ISBA members to expand their profile (e.g., practice areas) in order to “stock the store shelves”; the second will focus on promoting its existence and value to consumers.


What makes this new directory superior to other online legal services?

  • Trustworthy profiles for consumers
    Other online legal services (e.g., Avvo) get information about lawyers by scraping the web for publicly available data and warn that because they don’t control the sources from which they are pulling the information, the lawyer’s profile may be incorrect. Zeekbeek, the driving force behind this new directory, does not scrape the web to create profiles. Consumers can be assured that the information they see was put there by the lawyer.

  •  Honest consumer search
    This new directory does not permit lawyers to pay in order to come up higher in search results. When a consumer does a search, the two primary factors that influence the order in which lawyers appear is relevance (established through content and practice area) and geographic proximity. This honest consumer search provides a level playing field for all ISBA members.

  •  No reviews
    This new directory does not allow consumer or peer-to-peer reviews.

  •  Commitment to adhere to Indiana’s ethics rules
    Zeekbeek partners with bar associations to ensure that each directory is tailored to adhere to ethics rules set by the state. The ISBA has the option to include ethical reminders and instructions if it chooses.

The You Need a Lawyer: ISBA Directory is accessible through the ISBA website at Or, you can simply visit


To learn more, check out these FAQs:




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