Court Administrators
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1st and 2nd years of affiliate membership in ISBA


$ 74

3rd through 6th years of membership in ISBA   $ 107
More than 6 years of membership in ISBA   $ 130




A court administrator is defined as a person, regardless of job title or classification, serving in an administrative or management capacity for an Indiana court or judicial body who is interested in the improvement of the administration of justice.

1. Meet the definition of a court administrator; and

2. Be at least twenty-two (22) years of age; and

3. Be of a good moral character; and

a. Not have been suspended or disbarred from the practice of law in any state; and

b. Not have been convicted of an unauthorized practice of law in any state; and

c. Not be currently under suspension, termination or revocation of a certification, registration or license to practice by a professional organization, court, disciplinary board, or agency in any jurisdiction; and

4. Membership dues for licensed attorneys will be at the rate of other licensed attorneys.

5. Inactive Status. Court administrators who do not meet the definition of court administrator because of a temporary interruption in employment as a court administrator may maintain "inactive" status. Court administrators in inactive status may participate in all Indiana State Bar Association activities as active court administrator affiliate members. Court administrators may not continue in inactive status for longer than three consecutive years.

Annual dues are indicated within the category selection. Prorated dues will be charged at the time of checkout based on join date


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