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Join the Indiana State Bar Association on Law & Culture delegations to Portugal, London, Scotland, Cuba, and Morocco. 

Teaming with other participating state bar associations, these immersive and culturally rich travel programs are designed for lawyers and their companions by engaging with local scholars, attorneys, and artists offering expert commentary on these fascinating legal and political systems, international relations, art history, architecture, and religion. Enjoy these one-of-a-kind travel experiences all while receiving CLE credit. Space is limited, so reserve your spot soon.

Referral credit: After signing up, refer up to two colleagues, and each of you will receive $100 off your final invoice. Applicable to separate room reservation only. Email after your referred colleague has completed their reservation.


Journey through Portugal's Old World allure and New World splendor, exploring Lisbon and Porto's rich history, diverse wines, and vibrant culinary scenes.

Our immersive program will engage with local scholars, attorneys and artists offering poignant commentary on the Portuguese and EU legal and political systems, international relations, art history, and architecture.



Morocco’s location at the crossroads of Europe and Africa has endowed the country with a richness of culture and heritage preserved and perpetuated to this day. Join our journey through Morocco’s diverse food, music, customs, and architecture -- visiting Casablanca, Fes, Rabat and Marrakesh. 

Today Morocco is a thriving society embracing modernity and diversity. Our delegation will learn about Morocco’s social fabric and political systems, rewarding the open-minded traveler with a better understanding of the nature of Islam, erasing many popular preconceptions from the western world.



Journey through London’s rich history within a legal and political context, visiting the Inns of Court, Middle Temple Hall, the Supreme Court, Churchill’s War Rooms, and of course landmarks like Windsor Castle and the Palace of Westminster. Travel to Runnymede where the Magna Carta was originally signed and learn about its influence on our own common law system. The timing of our visit will allow us to analyze the impact of Brexit and Great Britain’s struggle for autonomy from - and coexistence with - its European counterparts.



For such a small country, Scotland has a significant cultural footprint beyond its  kilts and bagpipes. Sitting on the Northernmost point of the United Kingdom, Scotland has a robust and independent history of Roman soldiers, Vikings, noble clansmen, and powerful monarchs. Our visit will explore different aspects of Scottish culture and history including tours of the Edinburgh and Stirling Castles, tastings of traditional music, dance, and whisky, as well visits to Scotland’s second city - Glasgow - and St. Andrews, the birthplace of golf.  Exploring Scots Law & Policy, we visit the high Courts and Scottish Parliament. The amusing capital of Edinburgh will be our home base for this unique opportunity to enjoy the best of Scotland while earning CLE credits! Friends and family are welcome.


Trip to Cuba

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Spring-Summer 2020

London, June 8-13

Scotland, June 15-19


Fall 2020 Programs (pre-register to save your seat)

Portugal, October 11-16

Morocco, October 22-30

Morocco, November 12-20

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Itinerary question? Contact Dani Perez at or (858) 336-5749



Experiences from previous travelers

Trip to CubaSee photos from a January trip to Cuba. See photos >>

Read a blog article from Bruce Kamplain describing his experience to Cuba in Feb. 2019. Read blog >>

"We attended the Cuba trip in January of 2018 and had an incredible time. It was well organized with a wonderful guide. I did not know much about the legal, political or cultural situation in Cuba but the speakers brought that situation to life. Although Cuba’s financial situation is dire it is a very colorful country rich in culture and history. If you are a history, music or art lover, this trip is for you. Even the non-lawyers in our group were energized by the speakers. The planned side trips only enhanced our experience. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who wants to explore our neighboring, but secretive, country." — Betsy Russell

"I loved this experience. I would recommend it and plan to attend future trips! My husband enjoyed it too. The trip offered both cultural and legal information that has been beneficial to me. It was nice to travel and also get to learn. The trip was well planned and executed perfectly. The food and the mini trips built into the education made it exciting. I cannot say enough good things." — Isha Wright