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Substantive publications and public service brochures are available for purchase through the ISBA.


  Laws of Aging 
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  2014 Employment & Labor Law Handbook for Indiana Lawyers
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  2013 Federal Tax Handbook
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  Indiana Attorney Surrogate Rule: Best Practices & Forms
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  Protecting Your Intellectual Property: Basic Concepts
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Note: Brochures are written and published by the State Bar's Probate, Trust & Real Property (PTRP) Section as a public service. These brochures are updated by the PTRP Section on a periodic basis so that they are always current law.

- Alternative Dispute Resolution

- Buying a Home


- Estates: Property Ownership & Death Taxes 


- Guardianship: Types & Requirements


- How Can I Find & Hire the Right Lawyer? 


- Indiana Family Law 


- Indiana Power of Attorney 


- Joint Tenancy: Real & Personal Property 


- Your Right to Decide 


- Legal Stuff (available for high schools) 


- Personal Representatives 


- Trusts: Uses & Benefits 


- When a Complaint Arises about Lawyers Services 


- Pre-Suit Mediation - New Alternative to Litigation 


- Pre-Suit Mediation - Program of the ISBA 


- Juror Handbooks