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Young professionals hear a lot about mentoring, but identifying a mentor can be a challenge. If you are a new lawyer and looking for a mentor to guide you from the study of law to the practice of law, the Indiana State Bar Association's Mentor Match program is for you! Or, if you are an experienced lawyer interested in sharing your wisdom and guidance with new lawyers just joining the legal profession, Mentor Match is for you!

The Mentor Match program matches new lawyers with experienced mentors in order to assist with law practice management; effective client representation and career development; provide guidance for new lawyers in all types of practices; and offer the opportunity to earn free CLE, ethics and/or applied professionalism credits.

To sign up to be a Mentor Match mentee or mentor, please click here for the application and email it to Rebecca Smith at, or mail it to the Indiana State Bar Association, Mentor Match Program, One Indiana Square, Suite 530, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

Mentor Match Objective:
The purpose of the program is to elevate the competence, professionalism, and success of Indiana lawyers through positive mentoring relationships. Mentoring creates an opportunity for an experienced lawyer to provide professional guidance and share practical knowledge and skills with a new lawyer during the critical transition from law student to legal practitioner. Specifically, the mentoring relationship should foster the development of the new lawyer’s practical skills and increase his or her knowledge of legal customs; contribute to a sense of integrity in the legal profession; promote collegial relationships among legal professionals and involvement in the organized bar; improve legal ability and professional judgment; and encourage the use of best practices and highest ideals in the practice of law. Mentoring works on several different levels to foster the development of a new lawyer’s career while creating a sense of pride and purpose in the mentor.

Getting Started:
The first step in this process is to find a mentor. Look around and see if you have noticed someone who represents the best of what lawyers are and do and ask them to be your mentor. If that is not possible, then contact the ISBA and we will help you locate a mentor from our data base. For those attorneys in a larger firm, contact the managing partner to see if they have a mentoring program in place and can match you with another lawyer in the firm (although that is not mandatory).

Once you have a mentor, schedule the first meeting and review "Worksheet A" and submit the “Mentoring Agreement” to the ISBA. Once the ISBA has received and acknowledged your participation, the clock starts ticking. Access the Mentor Orientation Manual to help guide both of you through the program. This manual will outline the whole program and the timelines for the program. The forms and curriculum are available on the website and can easily be downloaded. Once you design your individual curriculum for the program to receive your CLE/Ethics/APC Credits, all the features of the program and the curriculum can easily be downloaded from the ISBA website. Reading materials are on the ISBA website and some are linked articles. The links are necessary because of copyright law.


Lastly, if you have completed the necessary six hours of mentoring time and have concluded all four quarters of time and discussion with your mentor, you can submit the "Certificate of Completion," signed by both you and your mentor, to receive the appropriate accreditation. At the same time that you complete your "Certificate of Completion," please fill out and submit the evaluation forms that are accessible on the website. We will update the curriculum and program based on your feedback. 


Getting Started





Finishing Up

Please note that the Certificate of Completion must be received within 7 days of completion or there will be a charge of $30.00 late fee assessed. This form can be send electronically, faxed or my first class mail.

These forms are the the specified forms that the Indiana Attorney General's Office will use when working with the ISBA Mentor Match Program.


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