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Res Gestae is distributed (in print and digitally) to more than 10,000 members of Indiana’s legal community. This includes a variety of small business owners (solo practitioners); attorneys at small, medium and large law firms; state and federal judges and other government attorneys; a variety of experiences spanning from newly admitted attorneys through senior practitioners; and lawyers helping clients in all types of practice areas and fields of law. The Indiana State Bar Association is the largest legal profession in the state of Indiana. Res Gestae is available to members only, but potential supporters are invited to review the magazine on this page.



For information about advertising in Res Gestae, contact Kelsey Kotnik, Communication Manager, at



The closing date for space reservation is the 1st day of the month preceding month of publication (e.g., May 1st for June). The closing date for material is the 10th day of the month preceding month of publication. Res Gestae is published 10 times a year, with consolidated issues in January/February and July/August.



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Advertising Policy

While it is the policy of Res Gestae to accept advertising only from legitimate businesses, and only that which is not false or misleading, it does not thereby assure the authenticity of any material contained in the advertisements or accept responsibility for such representations. Such representations remain the responsibility of the advertiser only.

Res Gestae reserves the right to reject any requests for advertising.

The amount of printed advertising may vary from issue to issue, depending on the size of the magazine. The Res Gestae editorial staff will attempt to maintain a proper balance between advertising and editorial content to best serve Association membership.

An advertiser may for a premium rate and if space is available place its advertisement in the centerspread, inside front and back covers, and back cover of the magazine. Otherwise, requests for specific placement of advertising will not be guaranteed, but will be honored when possible.

The editorial staff will review advertising costs no less frequently than annually, establishing new rates when necessary.