House of Delegates

"My favorite part of the Annual Meeting is being able to contribute to ISBA policies through the House of Delegates and being updated on the course of the ISBA." Hon. Thomas J. Felts


The House of Delegates meeting will take place on Friday, Oct. 9 from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the 2020 ISBA Annual Meeting (click here to go to the Annual Meeting event page). Delegates may attend in-person (limited capacity) or virtually. Click here to learn about the health and safety protocols that will be strictly followed for those who attend in-person. To register virtually or in-person, please email Kim Latimore at

The meeting also will be live-streamed for non-voting viewers. All ISBA members are invited to watch the House of Delegates Meeting live stream regardless if they have registered for the Annual Meeting. The live stream link is:

Role of the House of Delegates

House of Delegates members consider and vote on proposed ISBA legislation. Click here to read details about the house of delegates from ISBA's bylaws.

This year, ISBA leadership is asking the House of Delegates to discuss Bylaw changes. It’s not sexy, but it’s important.

Become a Delegate
We are seeking ISBA members to represent their peers in the House of Delegates meeting. You don’t need experience with ISBA legislation to be a representative. We simply ask that you review the proposal provided before the meeting and use your judgement to consider if it should be passed.

Each Indiana county has at least one delegate and alternate delegate to represent their county at the annual House of Delegates meeting for a one or two-year term. Additional delegates are authorized at a rate of one delegate per every 50 voting members in each county. 

To sign up, please email Kim Latimore at

Ex-officio voting members

Additionally, the following are ex-officio voting members of the House of Delegates:

  • ISBA past presidents
  • Past chairs of the House of Delegates
  • Indiana members of the House of Delegates of the American Bar Association
  • A member of the Supreme Court of Indiana to be selected by that Court
  • A member of the Court of Appeals of Indiana to be selected by that Court
  • The president of the Indiana Judges' Association
  • The deans of the accredited law schools located in Indiana
  • The Attorney General of Indiana
  • Chairs of ISBA sections
  • Chairs of ISBA standing committees
  • Such representatives of other professional legal organizations as may be designated from time to time by the House of Delegates