Attorney Fee Dispute Resolution
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The Attorney Fee Dispute Resolution process of the Indiana State Bar Association provides an opportunity for fee dispute arbitration between ISBA members and their clients and fee sharing disputes between attorneys.


Please review the Program Policies prior to filling out the request form. There are certain guidelines that must be adhered to. The Program Policies should help you determine if you qualify for the Attorney Fee Dispute Resolution Program. If upon reading the rules you feel you do qualify, please fill out the application completely and return it, along with the information requested in the application, to the Indiana State Bar Association.


Know that the Indiana State Bar Association is a voluntary membership organization, and Indiana attorneys are not required to be members. The Attorney Fee Dispute Resolution process is only for attorneys who are members. When a client initiates the process, member attorneys can elect to participate, but are not obligated to participate.


Please understand that this is a lengthy process and your application could take several months to resolve. Decisions are made by the Indiana State Bar Association Attorney Fee Dispute Resolution Committee, and decisions are final, with no appeals.


With additional questions, please contact Rebecca Smith at



Rules of Procedure

Attorney Fee Dispute Resolution Form