2020 Vision Going Forward

This series of programs was brought to you by the Indiana State Bar Association and the Indiana Supreme Court's Judges & Lawyers Assistance Program, along with your local bar associations and other partners. The series was geared toward newly admitted Indiana lawyers and includes four FREE pre-recorded programs.

Topics include navigating the challenges of beginning your career during a pandemic; coping with the stress of becoming a new lawyer; perspectives from a variety of legal professionals; networking and professional development for new lawyers; opportunities to be matched with a mentor; making the most of your ISBA membership; and more.

Presenters and special guests included Chief Justice Loretta H. Rush; Justice Steven David; ISBA president Leslie Craig Henderzahs; Young Lawyers Section Chair Beau Zoeller; law school deans; attorneys who successfully navigated becoming lawyers at the brink of the Great Recession; representatives from the Indiana Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program (JLAP); and attorneys practicing in both traditional and non-traditional legal roles.

Below you will find highlights from each session and the links for each session:

Session #4 Highlights

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"You are part of something bigger than yourself and you should take confidence in that. You have this wonderful talented pool of people that are here invested in your success and behind each and every one of them are dozens if not hundreds of professionals who respect who you are and what you have to offer to make the world better take pride in that, take confidence in that, but also do your job with humility." - Hon. Christopher M. Goff, Indiana Supreme Court


"It is critical to check what we are thinking about events going on in our lives." - Terry Harrell, Indiana Judges & Lawyers Assistance Program


"A wonderful thing about the law is that your constantly learning and you can always do better." - Leslie Craig Henderzahs, Church, Church Hittle + Antrim



"After you step out of your car you are somehow on the stage." - Todd Spurgeon, Kightlinger and Gray LLC (Discussing job interviews)


"What you wear to the interview is what I expect you to wear to court." - Kim Spindler, Indiana DCS


"You can’t win the job with the cover letter but you could lose the job in the process." - Chris Tucker, Cummins, Inc.


"They want you to be yourself, be genuine, don’t try and pretend you know something that you don’t." - John Walls, Office of Attorney General Curtis Hill

Session #3 Highlights

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“My story there is that you never know who is watching you. You never know who that point of contact or referral will be. Sometimes it will come from someone you would never have thought.” – Joshua Friend, Haller & Colvin, P.C.


“I graduated in 2011 and didn’t get the job I wanted right out of law school. Then that firm kind of folded while I was there, so I had a little bit of a rocky start. But I had really great experience along the way…I don’t know that I would have done anything differently.” - Sara McClammer, Bennett & McClammer LLP


“Get involved in your local bars if you have them…It’s a great way to get to know people outside of court, strike up conversations, and get to know people on a personal basis. I find that the more you engage and do those types of things, the more people will think of you if you fit certain opportunities.” - Renee Ortega, ROK Legal Group, LLC


“Everyone has their own way of networking. I am an introvert through and through. I hate the networking event. You can find your own way to network. I prefer to serve on committees or boards, where it’s a smaller group of people that you get to know better.” -Sara McClammer


“That was one of those things that was rocky to begin with, but because of the people that I got to talk with through that led to a much better situation…Spend those extra minutes talking to people around you, in the judges’ chambers and the clerk’s office. Those are going to prove invaluable for you.” - Jacob Taulman, Jasper County Prosecutor


“What I would recommend to everyone is don’t be afraid of something that may not make sense to those around you. A lot of my friends live in Indianapolis and thought it was very strange that I was staying back in my hometown of Gary, Indiana to practice law. A lot of people felt, ‘there isn’t too much there. You should go to Indianapolis or a larger area around Indiana.’ And I just thought it was destined for me to be here because even though I’m in Gary, what our firm does is really big.” - Candace Williams, Tolbert & Tolbert LLC


Session #2 Highlights

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“Resist the temptation to try to find a job you know you aren’t interested in, and resist the temptation to try to start your own law firm.” - Chris Engel, Krieg Devault


“Through networking and persistence, I got an opportunity…” - Charley Daugherty, Tate Bowen Daugherty Funk Spandau


“There may not be full time jobs available, but there are opportunities available.” - Emily Shrock, Marion County Prosecutor's Office


“Maintain those contacts and keep an open mind in taking a position in non-traditional law, because there are a lot of different ways to utilize a law degree." - Andrew Breck, Krieg Devault


“I figured out which partners at the firm were the busiest, and I gravitated towards those people.” - Janelle Kilies, Lewis Wagner


Session #1 Highlights

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“Remember, you’re the class that got admitted in 2020 in the middle of all this! We’re expecting great things from you, and we know you’re going to be able to do it.” - Indiana Chief Justice Loretta H. Rush


It’s important to control the controllables:

  1. Getting involved in your ISBA sections. As a new admittee, you are automatically enrolled in the Young Lawyers Section.
  2. Sign up for a mentor who can help guide you through your upcoming journey. ISBA’s Mentor Match program also fulfills your six-hour applied professionalism credit requirement.

- Beau Zoeller, chair of ISBA’s Young Lawyers Section


"Life is not the way it’s supposed to be, life is the way it is. It is the way you cope with it that makes the difference. And what we want to try to do is help you cope with it. It’s ok to be struggling. The rest of us are struggling, too. But together, we will get through this. You can choose to go through this alone, but we hope that you choose to connect, stay connected, reach out, and let us help you." - Indiana Justice Steven H. David