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Legal Ethics Committee

The Legal Ethics Committee shall foster and promulgate high ethical standards in accordance with the rules of the Supreme Court of Indiana.  The committee may submit recommendations concerning ethical standards to the board of governors or the house of delegates. The committee shall issue written opinions upon request from either a competent organ of the Association, from an Indiana attorney engaged in the practice of law, from a Judge of a State Court in the State of Indiana, or from the Disciplinary Commission of the State of Indiana.  The opinion shall be formal or informal.  Formal opinions shall be upon questions of first impression in Indiana and other matters warranting general circulation in the judgment of the committee.  Such formal opinions shall be disseminated to the membership of the Association in such manner as the committee shall determine.  If, in the judgment of the committee, a question is highly controversial in ethics determination or for other reasons should have policy discussions, the committee may refer its proposed formal opinion to the Board of Governors of the Association for its determination in respect thereto.  Informal opinions shall be upon questions previously resolved by formal opinions or in the discretion of the Chair of the committee, upon subjects resolved by formal opinions or in the discretion of the Chair of the committee, upon subjects involving matters not warranting further circulation.  If the chair of the committee determines that a formal opinion should be issues before the next meeting of the committee, he shall submit the request to two other members of the committee and the three of them shall adopt an emergency formal opinion after conferring on the matter.


Emergency formal opinions shall not be generally disseminated to the membership of the association unless approved at the next meeting of the committee. Informal opinions may be issued by the Chair of the Legal Ethics Committee.  Such informal opinions shall be issued only to the person requesting the same and other persons directly concerned, with copies filed in the Association records.  "In addition, the Chair, or his designees, may respond orraly to questions of ethics by couseling such practicing Indiana attorneys who may request the committee's assistance." The committee shall not (1) give opinions on questions of law, or (2) conduct investigation and give opinion on disputed facts, or (3) give opinions on matters of Association policy, except upon request of the Board of Governors or the House of Delegates.  The committee may accord weight to the opinions of the American Bar Association's Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility, either formal or informal, but the committee is not bound by such opinions.



Social Media Ethics (Res Gestae, March 2011) 


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