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6th annual Court History & CLE Symposium set for Nov. 22

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‘From Cyprus to Indy & the Judge in Between: the Cypriot Mosaics Case & Judge James E. Noland’

The 6th annual Court History & CLE Symposium will be presented Friday, Nov. 22, at the Birch Bayh Federal Building & United States Court House, 46 E. Ohio St., downtown Indianapolis. The program is set to be held in the Hon. S. Hugh Dillin Memorial Courtroom (Courtroom 243). Sponsored by the Historical Society of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana, this 3-hour CLE event (approval of credit pending) will be held from 1-4:30 p.m.

This year’s event will focus on one of the most publicized and fascinating cases to come before the court in recent memory – Autocephalous Greek-Orthodox Church of Cyprus v. Goldberg & Feldman Fine Arts, Inc., or the Kanakaria mosaics case. The case involved a collection of 6th-century mosaics that had been stolen from a church in Cyprus in the late 1970s and subsequently sold to a Carmel, Ind., art dealer. The ensuing litigation left the Hon. James E. Noland to grapple with issues of which, if any, foreign government had standing in the case; whether Indiana state law or Swiss law applied; if the claimants had practiced due diligence; and what guidelines, if any, he should recommend be used by future buyers of international artwork subject to American law.

To help explore and understand this case, three attorneys who participated in the case, Sally Zweig, John Hoover and the Hon. Ezra Friedlander, will speak about their experiences and recollections. Following their presentation, retired Magistrate Judge Kennard P. Foster, who served as magistrate judge on the mosaics case, will make remarks about the case from his perspective.

The final hour of the event will feature a roundtable discussion on the life and career of Judge Noland. Circuit Judge John Daniel Tinder will moderate a panel consisting of the Hon. Sarah Evans Barker, the Hon. Larry J. McKinney and Assistant U.S. Attorney Jill Julian, a former law clerk to Judge Noland.

Registration is required for the event, and space is limited. RSVP by Nov. 15 to Denise Fort, denise.fort@faegrebd.com. Members of the Historical Society of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana receive complimentary registration. For nonmembers wishing to attend the event, the registration fee is $50 and includes a 1-year membership to the Court’s Historical Society. The fee may be paid by cash, check or money order at the event. For more information, contact Doria Lynch at: Doria_Lynch@insd.uscourts.gov or 317-229-3729.

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