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Younger Comparativists to host conference at IU McKinney Law School April 18-19

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The Younger Comparativists Committee of the American Society of Comparative Law will host its second annual conference April 18-19 at the I.U. Robert H. McKinney School of Law in Indianapolis. The purpose of the conference is to highlight, develop and promote the scholarship of new and younger comparativists, defined as scholars who have been involved in comparative law for fewer than 10 years. More than 130 younger scholars from around the world submitted abstracts in response to a "Call for Papers" issued last September. More than 80 younger scholars who have been involved in comparative law for less than 10 years as well as a select group of graduate students are slated to present their research at the conference covering a wide range of topics in comparative private and public law. For more information and a draft of the conference agenda, please visit: http://indylaw.indiana.edu/YCCconference/

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