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ISBA’s Annual Day of Service Sept. 20

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Who: Attorneys and judges from local bar associations throughout the state of Indiana
What: Attorneys and judges from across the state will come together in their respective counties to engage in hands-on community service. From cleaning up local neighborhoods to volunteering at local shelters, attorneys and judges will have the chance to be a part of a new movement in the Indiana legal community as they participate in the second Annual Day of Service. The Annual Day of Service was initiated by the ISBA Service Committee, a standing committee of the ISBA established in 2012.
When: Sept. 20
Where: ISBA district liaisons will work with local bar associations to coordinate efforts in every county for the Annual Day of Service.
Different activities may include:
• volunteering at a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter
• providing painting or cleanup services for local neighborhoods in need
• assisting the Red Cross or Salvation Army

Why: The ISBA Service Committee champions hands-on community service, with the goal to inspire attorneys to get their hands dirty by weeding community gardens, cleaning up their local parks, adopting streets, building homes, and aiding in disaster relief. While many State Bar committees and sections performed seasonal service activities, both legal and nonlegal, most are not supported by a committee structured to be completely devoted to nonlegal community service, where members of the bench and bar play an active role in improving the physical appearance of communities. Although attorneys throughout the Hoosier State are not strangers to the idea of community service, before now there has never been an organized effort throughout the state to enable the bench and bar to help their communities outside the realms of the legal world. The ISBA Service Committee is an innovative concept for bar associations and hopes to serve as a nationwide model for direct community service, unifying members of state, local and specialty bars and shining as a beacon of light for improving the reputation of the legal community as a whole.
On the first-ever Annual Day of Service last year, the Service Committee organized eight projects in six counties and had more than 60 judges and attorneys show up to volunteer. The goal is to make this event bigger and bigger every year. Stay tuned for more information on how you can get involved!

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