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Bar members say ‘yes’ to justices, judges up for retention

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The Indiana State Bar Association (ISBA) has completed its compilation of the 2012 Judicial Retention Poll responses. Results indicate overwhelming support, by ISBA members, of the two Indiana Supreme Court justices and four Indiana Court of Appeals judges seeking retention on the Nov. 6 Election Day ballot.

According to outgoing State Bar President C. Erik Chickedantz of Fort Wayne, “Earning the approval of more than eight out of 10 respondents to our retention poll is a show of strong support by Indiana’s legal community for the jurists up for retention.”

ISBA members were electronically surveyed four times from Sept. 17 through Oct. 12. Of the 9,342 members polled, nearly 1,400 cast ballots. “Armed with these results and the valuable information at the Indiana Courts retention website, the citizens of Indiana can and will make an informed decision on Election Day,” concluded Chickedantz.

The yes/no retention results of the justices and judges (with their swearing in dates) are as follows:

Justice Robert D. Rucker (Nov. 19, 1999): Y-87.8%; N-12.2%; 1,388 votes cast

Justice Steven H. David (Oct. 18, 2010): Y-81.0%; N-19.0%; 1,377 votes cast

Judge John G. Baker (June 2, 1989): Y-83.6%; N-16.4%; 1,356 votes cast

Judge Nancy H. Vaidik (Feb. 7, 2000): Y-86.4%; N-13.6%; 1,337 votes cast

Judge Paul D. Mathias (March 30, 2000): Y-88.9%; N-11.1%; 1,302 votes cast

Judge Michael P. Barnes (May 22, 2000): Y-87.3%; N-12.7%; 1,302 votes cast

Appellate court judges face an approval vote in the first general election that occurs at least two years after their appointment, and every 10 years thereafter. Indiana voters will have an opportunity to cast their ballot concerning the judges’ retention next month.

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