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Next Leadership Development Academy application deadline TODAY

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On Jan. 14 of last year, the ISBA Board of Governors adopted the following resolution: “Be it resolved that the Indiana State Bar Association shall establish a leadership forum to empower and develop lawyers to be informed, committed and involved so that they may fill significant leadership roles in local and state bar associations and Indiana communities and organizations, and serve as role models in matters of ethics and professionalism.” Thus, the ISBA Leadership Development Academy (LDA) was born, and the inaugural LDA was so successful, we are doing it again! And it shall be known as “LDA II.”

The opportunities offered by the Leadership Development Academy are many, including:

• participate in discussions providing interaction with top leaders of state and local judicial, legislative and executive branches, as well as business, education, sports, military and community-based representatives;

• sharpen your critical thinking and communication effectiveness;

• develop perspectives in increasingly global business and/or legal representative environments;

• build on your own strengths, get a better understanding of other functional areas and think in terms of the organization as a whole;

• learn and understand skills and perspectives beyond your areas of expertise; and

• experience action learning that focuses on leadership, teamwork and problem solving.

LDA II will incorporate professional facilitators and prominent leaders/role models from various disciplines to inform participants about leadership principles and techniques, the importance of effective leaders in organizations to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, and the challenges and rewards of leadership in action.

LDA II will be comprised of 25 Indiana lawyers who have been admitted to practice for less than 15 years. The 2013 Academy will commence with a two-day retreat Jan. 11-12 in Indianapolis, followed by session dates: Feb. 19, March 22, April 12 and May 17-18. Attendees must arrive
by approximately 4:30 p.m. the day before a session commences. Programs and venues will be throughout the state.

Class members of LDA II will be selected from the applicant base. Applicants must be attorneys in good standing and members of the ISBA. The cost is $1,250, which is due after selected applicants are notified. Scholarships will be available for those demonstrating need.

If you have any questions, contact Catheryne Pully, cpully@ inbar.org, or 800-266-2581.

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The planning committee consists of the following bar leaders: ISBA President-Elect Daniel B. Vinovich, Highland, chair; Andi M. Metzel, Indianapolis, co-chair; James P. Casey, Evansville, co-chair; and Catheryne Pully, Indianapolis, ISBA staff liaison. The application & recruitment subcommittee members are past ISBA President James W. Riley Jr., Indianapolis, chair; Tonya J. Bond, Indianapolis; ISBA President C. Erik Chickedantz, Fort Wayne; past ISBA President Wm. Sherrill Colvin, Fort Wayne; Judge Susan Orr Henderson, Covington; Shontrai D. Irving, Crown Point; past ISBA President R. William Jonas Jr., South Bend; past ISBA President Roderick H. Morgan, Indianapolis; Judge Tanya Walton Pratt, Indianapolis; Marisol Sanchez; Indianapolis; Chasity Q. Thompson; Indianapolis; and Michael E. Tolbert, Merrillville. The program subcommittee members are Justice Steven H. David, Whitestown, chair; Robert C. Beasley, Albany, vice chair; Magistrate Judge Tim A. Baker, Indianapolis; Séamus P. Boyce, Noblesville; Richard W. Castleton, Merrillville, Mary E. Fondrisi, Jeffersonville; Judge Melissa S. May, Indianapolis; Amy K. Noe; Richmond; Julia L. Orzeske, Indianapolis; and Stephanie S. Penninger, Indianapolis.

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